Four Nutrient Dense Foods that are Easy to Eat for Seniors

Most people understand that nutrient needs increase as people get older. As the body ages, the bones have trouble retaining calcium leading to bone weakness. Arteries will develop plaque and the kidneys will decline in efficiency. This will make it challenging for the body to absorb much-needed nutrients. Seniors need to work hard to keep their nutrient intake high; however, they often have trouble eating tough foods. What are some nutritious foods that are easy for them to eat?

1. Greek Yogurt

Most people have realized that greek yogurt is a nutrient-packed food. A few seniors have trouble dealing with lactose, but for people that aren’t lactose intolerant, do not miss out on this powerful food. Greek yogurt is packed with calcium that is necessary to keep the bones strong and prevent bone breaks. In addition, greek yogurt has a large amount of protein. Seniors will often have trouble ingesting their protein because steak and pork are tough to eat. Greek yogurt provides a large amount of protein in a form that is easy for seniors to ingest.

2. Oranges

It is no secret that elderly individuals often contract infections at a higher rate than the average population. Oranges are packed with vitamin C that is essential for the immune system to function properly. Best of all, oranges are easy to eat if people can peel them. They make oranges that are easy to peel but people who struggle with peeling can even juice the oranges or purchase orange juice without missing out on the vitamin C. There are numerous options for ingesting oranges.

3. Carrots

Uncooked carrots are more than edible; however, they are tough on the teeth. Cooked carrots are easy for everyone to eat from babies to the elderly. Furthermore, carrots are very nutritious because they are packed with a high amount of vitamin A in the form of retinoic acid. Vitamin A is important because it powers the retina, thus the name retinoic acid. Everyone with elderly relatives knows that their eyesight can wane on the years progress. Extend the longevity of the eyes without damaging the teeth with some cooked carrots.

4. Cheese 

In addition to providing a large source of calcium, cheese is unique because it is also packed with vitamin D. Everyone knows that calcium is important for bones; however, vitamin D is just as important because vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium into the bones. Furthermore, vitamin D comes with the calcium when people eat cheese. There are a wide variety of cheeses so people simply need to select a soft cheese that is easy for elderly people to eat. Then, watch the bones get stronger.

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