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5 Healthy Meals For Seniors That Sizzle

1. Stuffed Green Peppers Stuffed green peppers are not only delicious and healthy, but they are also easy to prepare and very satisfying. Make them by cleaning four green peppers and eradicating the stem, pulp, and seeds. Boil them for five minutes before draining. Add a pound of ground turkey to a saucepan and heat until golden brown. Include half a cup of chopped onion, one cup of cooked rice, and half a cup of tomato sauce to the pan. Then add pepper for flavor and put the mixture inside the peppers before placing them in a casserole dish. Put
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Preserving Legacy: Helping Your Parents Write Their Life Story

While no life lasts forever, story can. Preserving legacy is important to individuals, family members, friends, and future generations. Everyone has a life story that is worth telling and recording. When someone is suffering from memory difficulties, the preservation process can be daunting for them if they try it alone. Here are a few tips for people who want to record the life stories of their aging family members. It does not require the writing skills of a novelist. It does not require the imagination of a movie director. It just takes patience, a little planning, and a great deal
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