Is Memory Care Covered by Medicare?

Did you just turn 65 or have you been receiving social security disability insurance for more than two years? Medicare is a national health insurance program tailored just for you. You’re eligible if you and your spouse paid health insurance taxes for at least 10 years while you were working.

It is divided into four parts that offer basic coverage.
• Part A offers hospital care
• Part B provides doctors, medical procedures, and equipment
• Part C covers Medical care Advantage meaning it covers a combination of A, B, and D
• Part D covers a prescription drug plan.

It is a beneficial program as it covers the cost once you are admitted to a hospital (inpatient), skilled nursing facility, and even hospice.

Yes, Memory Care is covered by Medicare.

Memory Care Facility

It may not be similar to assisted living communities. It’s distinct from ALC in that it’s a long-term skilled nursing home that specifically caters to patients with various types of memory problems. It is a special facility that provides 24 hours of supervised care for your loved one.

The staff is specially trained to assist people with dementia and impaired recognition. Also, the physical layout and security of memory caring wards are specially designed so that the patients can easily navigate and control wandering behavior.

What Fees are Covered?

It will cover inpatient hospital fees and some doctor consultation, tests and examination fees needed to treat memory loss, for your parents and friends with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Since memory care facilities offer specialized care and nursing, not all expenses would be covered. The facility should advise you on their cost breakdown subject to the variability of different homes.

Duration of Cover

Unfortunately, the cover does not include custodial long-term nursing home. However, it will pay up to 100 days of skilled nursing home care under limited circumstances. Sometimes you would like the patient to continue with the treatment for the long-term benefit. Our website provides a calculator to give you an estimated cost of the procedure.

Services Offered in Memory Caring Facilities

While choosing a facility for your loved one, get down to do your homework thoroughly as well as take tours, ask questions about their staff credentials. You would also like an environment that is serene and gives your loved one a homely kind of feeling and peace of mind.

• Access to 24 hours medical care
• Health and exercise programs – These programs and activities are structured to nourish the residents making them comfortable.
• Three daily meals
• Emergency call systems
• Housekeeping and laundry service
• Socially acceptable environment

There is nothing as heartwarming as seeing your loved one happy and functional just like the first day you knew them. Providing them specialized medical care in an exceptional facility should be not only a priority but also, a necessity. Good thing many options are available to help you pay for these services and reduce your pocket strain.

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