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Safe Stretches for Seniors

As people age, it can become increasingly difficult to do things like get up from a chair or get into bed. This is due to a decline in flexibility and muscle strength. A good stretching program is important to increase and maintain flexibility. Stretching will improve posture and the movement in joints. It can also help reduce stress and reduce the risk of injury. Why Should You Stretch? Seniors should try to stretch major muscle groups for at least 10 minutes, at least two days a week. It’s best if stretching is on days where resistance or cardiovascular training exercises
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5 Reasons Why Every Senior Should GET OUT This Spring

While spending time outdoors is good for anyone, it can be especially important for seniors. It has been learned that simply being outdoors provides a surprising variety of physical and emotional health benefits. As the weather gets warmer, finding more opportunities to spend time outdoors is essential. Boost Your Short-Term Memory A study conducted at the University of Michigan looked at the effects of one’s environment on short-term memory. Volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group was asked to take a short walk around an arboretum, while the second group walked down a busy city street. Participants from
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