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Tricks to Healthier Eating Habits

It seems as though everyone is placing a greater focus on better eating habits, but making these dietary changes can be difficult. Especially where senior eating habits are concerned, changing after a lifetime of living on junk foods can seem impossible. There are some ways to make changes gradually and without feeling like you’re really making the big sacrifices one might expect.   Make It Easier to Eat Healthy Eating right requires a lifestyle change in more ways than one. It’s not just about the foods you buy. It’s also about how you store your food and which items are
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Proper Sun Protection for Seniors and Medical Patients

Medications Can Exacerbate Heat Regulation Problems There is no perfect regiment for sun protection that can work for everyone. Many medications can impair the body’s natural ability to regulate internal body temperature or make the skin more sensitive to the sun. It is important that patients discuss the risks of heat stroke and side-effects of particular medicines before thoughtlessly basking in the sun. It is recommended that patients take supplemental Vitamin D tablets to keep their bones and teeth strong when they are unable to spend long periods of time in the sun.   Recognizing Symptoms of Overheating You may
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