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Medication Management: Top 5 Tips for Seniors

Prescription drugs are a critical lifeline for many seniors and this is not without concerns: 1 in 5 prescription drugs taken by seniors are inappropriate (misprescribed, or over or underprescribed) and are often medications that carry a high risk for adverse drug events. Fifty-five percent of elderly patients are considered “noncompliant” with doctors’ orders, in that they don’t take medications as directed, but there are ways you can prevent deadly accidents from happening as a result. Here are five tips that can make medication management easier. 1. Use a computerized pill organizer Caregivers of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients especially need to be
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4 Ways to Exercise With Mom and Dad

The older a person gets, the more important it is to encourage exercise. However, exercise can also get more difficult with age. Even though it is more difficult, it is very important because when people become more sedentary with age, they start to lose their mobility. If your parents are living in an assisted living facility for seniors, this is even more important. Use these exercises to effectively help your parents exercise more.  1. Short Walks Walking is one of the most important exercises you can go with your loved one. They spend a lot of their time sitting and
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