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5 Dental Tips For Seniors

As you age, dry mouth, grinding and attrition, gum disease, and root decay become dental concerns if you still have your natural teeth. As an older adult, you may be facing these challenges with dental health that you did not have to contend with when you were younger. Routine care like brushing and flossing is important, but seniors have extra considerations when it comes to taking care of dental health. Here’s what you can do to ensure your dental health stays optimal. Carefully monitor your medications and tell your dentist what you are taking. Dry mouth fosters cavities, which makes seniors just
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2 Financial Mistakes For Senior Care

To avoid spending your retirement savings unwisely, here are two financial mistakes that adversely affect seniors. When you reach your senior years your financial situation changes dramatically. If you are retiring you are no longer benefiting from regular wages. Additionally, if you are interested in moving to an assisted living or retirement home you have to budget for these expenses. So when planning for the future, avoid the following financial mistakes: Signing up for Social Security Too Soon At 62 you can begin receiving Social Security benefits. However, if you do you will only receive 75 percent of your total monthly benefit.
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