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Why Seniors Should Take Advantage of Meditation 

Over the past few generations, Eastern philosophies have found their way into Western culture. Ancient practices such as meditation and yoga have become regular parts of many people’s daily lives because of the positive effects they have on the body and mind. For seniors, meditation can be incredibly beneficial, particularly as it delivers one to a place of mindfulness and peacefulness. The following are a few reasons many seniors find meditation advantageous: 1. Improving Longevity Stress and worry can have negative effects on a person’s health. Alternatively, alleviating stress and learning how to relax and be present in the mind
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When “No” is No Longer an Option

It can be difficult when you have to deal with an elderly parent or loved one who needs some type of assisted or senior living, especially when that loved one is resisting care. What should you do if they are resisting your help or the idea of help from professionals? Here are a few tactics you can use to approach the issue without coming across as being insistent or demanding. 1. Decide on a Conversation Starter Your entire family should select the person who would be the best person to talk to your loved one about the subject of assisted
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