Oak Facility

Meet Our Administrator – Lori Fowler

Lori has been in the health care field since 1998 and has served in many
different positions within the field. These positions range
from caregiving, medication administration, assistant administrator, and
now she is the administrator of Ashley Manor Oak. She feels it is an extreme honor to work in our resident’s home. She says, “This maybe
our workplace, but first and foremost this workplace is our
resident’s home. The best part of my day is getting to visit with our
resident’s and reminisce about their lives with interesting
events they have been through. I have learned over the years that a
gentle touch, or a heart warming smile goes a long way in how a person’s
day plays out. Our elderly can teach us so much as long as we open our
minds and truly listen.”

Please call our Senior Care Advisor today at 541-948-7214 for more information.

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