Brookhurst Facility

Meet Our Administrator – Kaylene Kilpatrick

Kaylene Kilpatrick has been the administrator of Ashley Manor Brookhurst
since July 10, 2017.  She started caregiving in 1977 and has worked
in many fields of health care from infants to elderly. “I love
being able to put a smile on their face and know that I made a
difference in their life. I believe that our generation owes it to the
older generations to take care of them just the way they have done for
us. The elderly are such a joy to be around. You can’t help but smile
when you are around them and you hear the most amazing and funny
stories!” Kaylene could not ask for a better place to work. She truly enjoy her team and the residents.

Please call our Senior Care Advisor today at 541-291-0091 for more information.