Arrowhead Facility

Meet Our Administrator – Venus Moody

My name is Venus Moody, I’m 36 years old. I started this adventure as a volunteer when I was just 16 years old. I  loved working with people and helping them with their every day needs.
When I was 18 I started as an activity’s director in Eugene, Oregon for people with disabilities. From there I moved on to a one-on-one trainer.

In 2006 I moved back to Medford Oregon and worked with ASI as a Med-Aid and caregiver as well as an Activities director. From there I moved on to Pathways becoming the program manager. I worked there for over 3 years. I was the head Med-Aid and floor trainer.

January 2018 I got offered the opportunity to be apart of Ashley Manor. April 2018 was an exciting month for me as I was lead Med-Aid/Caregiver. Later that month I was offered to be the Assistant Administrator. I continue to look forward to expanding my knowledge and loving the work I do for others.

Please call our Senior Care Advisor today at 541-291-0091 for more information.